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The site of Bletchley Park for the planned National College of Cyber Security could not be more fitting. It was the top-secret code-breaking activities on this estate that had such an impact on the outcome of the Second World War and thereby on the world we live in today.

Although much was kept secret for decades after the war – and much mystery still remains – the names of the pioneers and the machines they produced are now globally famous.

As the years pass, the names of these cyber pioneers are becoming even more well-known. Amongst the 10,000 men and women who worked on the Bletchley Park, a great many stand out because they changed our world. It is almost invidious to name just a few of those amazing alumni:

  • Alan Turing, pioneer of computer science
  • Tommy Flowers, creator of the world’s first electronic computer, Colossus
  • Bill Tutte, who broke Hitler’s ‘unbreakable’ cipher
  • Gordon Welchman, the master of ‘traffic analysis’
  • Dilly Knox, First World War codebreaking veteran who led the team breaking naval Enigma.

The list goes on and many of their pioneering insights still inform cyber security today.

Qufaro hopes and expects that future generations of cybersecurity experts will emerge through the National College of CyberSecurity, thus providing a golden thread from the heritage of the past to power our future security.

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