Jacqui Garrad

Jacqui is a proven individual with a strong and successful career in transforming early stage businesses including The Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre where she grew the client occupation base from 40% to 95% let in the space of two years. Further to this Jacqui built and maintained a strong and loyal community of tenants across a wide range of differing technologies including Space, Cyber and Computing.

At the same time, and in parallel, Jacqui occupied the position of Commercial Director of the National Museum of Computing with responsibility for growing partnerships and income, funding and developing new galleries and expanding the Museum’s educational offering to include new initiatives such as relaxed openings.

Jacqui’s overall contribution to the operational and financial fortunes of the Museum have allowed the Museum to open to the public six days a week from the initial two on joining the Museum. Jacqui has since taken on the role of Commercial Director for Qufaro.

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