Free Qufaro Cyber Teacher Training

All teachers supervising or intending to supervise the CyberEPQ are welcome to do the course content for free and receive a Certificate of Completion. The course will also give you a great insight into cyber as well as get you ahead of your students.

Based at the iconic Bletchley Park, Qufaro embraces the rich national heritage in codebreaking and cryptography which are the catalyst for delivering the next generation's cyber defenders. From videos and quizzes to interactive learning materials and investigation tasks, it has been developed to help broaden Cyber Security knowledge and skills.

The modules range from Cryptography, Info-Sec Management and Risk Management to Digital Forensics, Business Resilience and Secure Testing. Modules have been updated to keep up with the ever expanding cyber industry and also include Big Data, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

The course requires teachers to work through the modules, making notes and writing journal entries for each module and a short reflective piece of writing

Teachers will receive a Certificate of Completion highlighting all the areas studied throughout the Free Teacher Training Course.

Approx. 30 GLH
No prerequisites
Start date
Enrolment available from Monday 15th June 2020
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