The Qufaro Headstart in Cyber Security

Aimed at students from Year 9 and above, can be offered as an Enrichment Programme

The Qufaro Headstart in Cyber Security has been developed by a consortium of education and Cyber Security partners to help provide a starting point for anyone with an interest in cyber and potentially considering a career in Cyber Security. The course is delivered using distance learning tools with its content developed by the National Occupational Standards in Information Security (NOS). This can be offered across the Year groups from year 9 and above. The course can be studied independently as well as being offered as an Enrichment Programme across year groups. This invaluable course will set your students apart in both the workplace and for university applications.

From videos and quizzes to interactive learning materials and investigation tasks, it has been developed to help broaden Cyber Security knowledge and skills. Ranging from Cryptography, Info-Sec Management and Risk Management to Digital Forensics, Business Resilience and Secure Testing. Modules are updated to keep up with the ever expanding cyber industry and now include Big Data, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Students will be expected to write a journal entry for each module and write a short reflective writing piece. On completion students will receive a Certificate of Completion highlighting the 11 areas of cyber studied. Students will also have the opportunity to easily transfer onto the CyberEPQ and gain a formal qualification at a later date at a discounted rate.

The ultimate goal of developing cyber security skills and knowledge is to nurture highly qualified cyber security and digital forensics graduates who are optimised to work in government, business, finance, insurance, industrial, media, legal and intelligence services, as well as many other employment sectors. With cyber-attacks becoming more common and posing greater threats, no company or individual is immune. There will be a global cyber security workforce shortage of around 1.8 million people by 2022 and 60% of organisations have unfilled cyber roles.

The Qufaro Headstart in Cyber Security helps students gain the required skills and knowledge to fill the cyber security skills gap in this expanding industry.

Certificate of Achievement
Approx. 30 GLH
No prerequisites
Start date
Enrolment available from Monday 15th June 2020
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