Figures from the global information security workforce study, show there will be around 100,000 unfilled cyber security jobs in the UK by 2022. It's an employees' market as demonstrated by increasing salaries.

Seeking to rely on experienced hires is no longer an option for many organisations.

The good news is that hiring an apprentice will most likely see higher retention and result in an employee with the technical skills and qualifications to meet your specific needs. And, depending on where you are based, there may be significant government incentives to recruit an apprentice.

Qufaro has been working in partnership with Global Knowledge Apprenticeships (GKA) to deliver Level 4 cyber security apprenticeship training. There are two Level 4 cyber apprenticeships which are for the Cyber Security Technologist and secondly the Cyber Intrusion Analyst.

Recognising that the battle for talent is starting earlier and earlier, Qufaro is launching the new level three Cyber Security Technician Standard.

Employers interested in the cyber apprenticeship can contact Qufaro here.

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