Strengthening Cyber Career Paths: Qufaro CyberEPQ Mentoring Scheme and STEM Ambassadors

21 October 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Mentoring Scheme to all Alumni members. The scheme has been set up to build on the CyberEPQ foundations by providing the next guiding steps in the Cyber Security world of work, apprenticeships, or further education. To broaden the Alumni experience, Qufaro has extended membership to current learners as well as graduates.

Why sign up for a Mentor?

All Alumni members wishing to participate, will have the opportunity to receive guidance, support and encouragement. By drawing on our Mentors’ rich knowledge, experience and expertise this relationship may also introduce mentees to new contacts to develop their own network.

For mentees, the scheme is aimed at increasing social and academic confidence in cyber whilst becoming more empowered to make decisions; develop communication; study and personal skills. Mentees and mentors will be encouraged to identify goals and establish a sense of direction and gain valuable insight into the next stage of the mentee’s cyber career.

To aid developing awareness of the rapidly changing roles within cyber, each mentor is asked to identify with one or more of the Seven Personae of Cyber to highlight their capabilities. Read more

Is this the right time to seek or become a Mentor?

Now, more than ever with the current COVID restrictions resulting in the physical disconnect from family, friends and colleagues, it is essential to establish mentoring relationships. These provide a central pillar of support, creating opportunities and helping us all to remain connected.

How does the Scheme work?

The CyberEPQ Mentoring scheme works in conjunction with STEM Learning and is part of the STEM Ambassador initiative. Volunteers will complete the STEM Ambassador induction training before joining the scheme. Mentors are from a wide range of cyber related jobs and disciplines across the UK. On completion, mentors and mentees will be matched.

The Mentor- Mentee Relationship

By matching cyber interests, identifying goals and expectations on each side an effective and rich experience will ensue. It is important to get this right from the beginning.

Mentor Benefits

Benefitting from improved communication and personal skills, developed leadership and management qualities, mentors will reinforce their own study skills and cyber knowledge. This volunteer role is highly valued by employers and will enhance CV’s. Mentors will receive a Qufaro Certificate of Recognition and could also receive further recognition from STEM Ambassador Awards.


This initial six-month scheme encourages meeting virtually once a month for an hour. This will further cement the budding cyber careers of our learners and graduates and keep them on track.

Many thanks to our CyberEPQ Mentors for their time and expertise and we hope that our Mentees will reap the benefits from this promising potential career defining experience.

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