Qufaro’s First Virtual Graduation Ceremony

20 November 2020

Despite the restrictions of COVID19, this year’s Graduates celebrated their success with Qufaro’s CyberEPQ virtual Graduation Ceremony. The Graduation event is one that Qufaro, our supervisors and teachers look forward to and one that acknowledges and celebrates the hard work and outstanding achievements of our Graduates after their CyberEPQ studies which is most deserved.

We will have a physical event next year at Bletchley Park, so in the meantime, we have successfully held our first ever Virtual Graduation to celebrate the 2020’s Graduates’ achievements. Last Saturday, 31st October 2020, the Graduation ceremony went live on Qufaro’s private YouTube channel to our invited Graduates, families and honoured guests via a private shared link.

The Virtual Graduation ceremony featured a welcome from Dr Budgie Dhanda, our Former CEO and Co-Chair of the UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project, presenting the CyberEPQ City and Guilds’ Certificates as well as the Qufaro Certificate of Completion.

Amanda Finch, Chief Executive Officer of CIISec, subsequently awarded our high achieving Graduates, those with a Grade B or above, with CIISec membership and its benefits as well as the privilege of adding the post nominals, AFCIIS to their names.

The ceremony finished with Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director at Deloitte and author of An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics and AI who congratulated the graduates who had been nominated for the Deloitte Essay Prize and the three winners; Richard H, David H. and Anahitha V. All nominees and winners were sent Deloitte goodies and the winners also received Amazon Gift Vouchers.

Graduates, families and honoured guests participated in a virtual tour of The National Museum of Computing to explore the wonders of the museum with thanks to TNMOC’s very knowledgeable volunteers. TNMOC also kindly extended a future physical welcome to everyone at a discounted rate.

The event was complete with everyone invited to view video contributions for next steps in cyber, available for viewing on the Qufaro YouTube Channel. Contributions include;

Piers Wilson
Director, CIISec

Alex Warner
Principal, South Central Institute of Technology

Gary Fay
CEO, IdentifiGlobal Group

Ivana Bartoletti
Technical Director in Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Many of the Graduates have also signed up to the CyberEPQ Alumni LinkedIn group whereby Qufaro can continue to inform them of future cyber events, career opportunities and benefit from the newly launched Qufaro CyberEPQ Mentoring scheme. Read more here…

Our High Achievers

Special congratulations to the following:

Deloitte Essay Prize Winners

1st Prize
Richard H. (Independent Learner)

2nd Prize:
David H. (School – Based Learner)

3rd Prize:
Anahitha V. (Independent Learner)

Deloitte Essay Prize Nominees

  1. Amber L.-S. (School – Based Learner)
  2. Lea B. (School – Based Learner)
  3. James D. (School – Based Learner)
  4. Jack C. (School – Based Learner)
  5. Amelia O. (School – Based Learner)
  6. Nikita R. (School – Based Learner)
  7. Harrison B. (School – Based Learner)
  8. Joe S. (School – Based Learner)
  9. Tim B. (School – Based Learner)

CIISec Members

  • James B.
  • Harrison B.
  • Ross Beesley
  • Shivanshi B.
  • Tim B.
  • Lea B.
  • Piotr B.
  • James C.
  • Maxim C.
  • Rufus C.
  • Jack C.
  • Jules D.-C.
  • Dominic D.
  • James D.
  • Oliver D.
  • Riley G.
  • Fjoraldo G.
  • David H.
  • Richard H.
  • Ahmad H.
  • Matthew H.
  • Taewoong K.
  • Oliver K.
  • Amber L.-S.
  • Charles M.
  • Ambar N.
  • Amelia O.
  • John O.
  • Ronak P.
  • Vladislav P.
  • Charlie R.
  • Luke R.
  • Peter R.
  • Joe S.
  • Joshua S.
  • Alfie S.
  • Patrick S.
  • Anahitha V.
  • Charlie W.
  • Elvin-P. W

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our virtual graduation celebration a success. We look forward to welcoming all of our 2020 graduates at Graduation next year.

Want to join us at a future Graduation? Find out more about the CyberEPQ here and start the journey towards Graduation Day!

Once again, a big thank you to Qufaro’s Sponsors, Partners and Supporters for your continued support. Thank you.

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